Fight the Party Bulge with These Asanas and Mudras

At new year parties, we entertain ourselves with sustenance and beverages which at last lead to increment in weight. It’s vital that we recapture our figure and diminish the additional fat. Here are a few asanas and mudras which will enable you to lose those additional kilos so you may have a ton of fun with no pressure. 

Asanas and Mudras for Weight Loss 

Surya mudra 

Keep the ring finger on the lower segment of the nostril and press it tenderly with the thumb 

Surya bheda pranayama 

Put cotton ‘plug’ in your left nostril so you will inhale through the correct nostril or square the left nostril by delicately squeezing with the ring and little finger of the correct hand 

Sit easily 

Take in and out through the correct nostril as it were 

Rehash multiple times 

Unique Asanas to Reduce Weight 

Urdhva hastasana 

Stand straight. Join the feet. Fix the knees and elbows. Move the shoulder back. Extend the arms overhead and raise the heels 


Rests on your stomach 

Keep the palms on the ground and both the hands close to the sides of the chest. The elbows ought to be lifted up. The legs ought to be straight and the paws should combine 

Breathe in and lift the chest and head upwards. The lower some portion of the navel should contact the ground 

While lifting the head, twist the neck as much as you can 

Stay in this situation for around 30 seconds 


Keeping a separation of one foot between the legs stand straight. Both the hands ought to be spread towards the shoulders 

Breathe in and bring the left hand from the front and lay it on the left paw on the ground, generally, keep the hand close to the lower leg and lift the correct hands upwards and twist the neck to the correct side and take a gander at the correct hand 

At that point while breathing out rebound to the first position and rehash the activity from the opposite side 


Keep a separation of one foot between the legs and stand straight 

Spread both the hands on the shoulders, the palms ought to be straight confronting the ground 

Divert the correct hand from the front and keep it on the left shoulder 

Overlap the left hand from the posterior and keep it on the midriff 

The palm of the hand which is on the midriff will be towards the upside 

Presently turn the neck left. Rehash on the opposite side 

Along these lines complete 5 reiterations on each side