Here is why people include Jamun in their diet


Diabetes is a metabolic disease which occurs when the glucose level is high and that causes deficiency in insulin secretion. Diet control is remedy and it is prescribed by doctors as diabetes care. Alongside that one organic product is vital for controlling diabetes:


Jamun Seeds for Diabetes:

What makes jamun seeds so special and necessary for diabetes? How to utilize jamun seeds?

While jamun has dependably been on the top in fighting diabetes — its seeds are accepted as a treatment for the disease. The two seeds, jamboline and jambosine, have substances that hinder the increasing level of sugar substance in the blood. It is ideal to eat jamun seeds for viable outcome. You can place the seeds to dry up and make a powder to fight diabetes successfully.


Jamun seeds make up a major of Ayurvedic diabetes medications. Jambu is the Sanskrit name of Jamun. In India, the common name for this is Jambudweep or Indian Blackberry. In Ayurveda, Jamun is useful to control diabetes, which helps reduce frequent urination. It has hypoglycemic properties, which has the capacity to diminish sugar in blood and has cell reinforcement that makes them a sure remedy for diabetics. Jamun seeds and mash both contain these properties.


Here’s how you can put Jamun Seeds to use for managing and controlling Diabetes:

  1. Clean jamuns and keep them in a bottle.
  2. Squeeze out the seeds from the fruit with your fingers and store them in another bottle.
  3. Wash the seeds completely so that none of the substances is left on them.
  4. Now, spread the seeds on clean clothes and place it under sun for drying up at least for three to four days till that dries up.
  5. Once they are dried, strip off the external shell and gather the green inward centre of the seeds.
  6. The green inward centre of the seeds can be broken into half effectively just by squeezing your fingers. When you separate them, keep them in the sun for a couple of more days till they are dried.
  7. Now, pour powder on the dried seeds and mix in a processor. A coarse powder will be the outcome.
  8. Separate the seeds and rehash in a similar strategy till the majority of the dried seed powder goes through the strainer.
  9. Store the jamun seed powder in an opaque box and use it as and when the need arises.
  10. Take a glassful of water and a teaspoon of jamun seed powder every morning in an empty stomach.

However, prior to changing this technique for fighting against diabetes, it is mandatory to consult your diabetician/endocrinologist first.