Weight Loss: 5 Diet Tips To Ensure Your Evenings Are More Weight Loss Friendly

Weight Loss: 5 Diet Tips To Ensure Your Evenings Are More Weight Loss Friendly

Ever wondered what is the best time to lose weight? The opinions are divided. Some say mornings are the best time to boost metabolism and fat burning. A recent study revealed that late afternoons may be the ideal time to lose all those extra time. Till now, what we are sure of is the fact that bingeing late in the evening is not the best idea for those who have been looking to lose weight. This is because during evening our metabolism is the slowest. Whatever we eat, takes long to digest and is not metabolised by our body quickly for energy. Poor digestion is closely tied to weight gain, and the extra calories that are not consumed by our body are stored as fats. Snacking late in the evening may also raise your cholesterol and also cause disturbances in sleep.


Here Are Diet Tips To Make Your Evenings More Weight Loss Friendly


1. Prepping Up For Meals: It is a good idea to decide your dinner in advance, instead of looking for ideas and ingredients at the given point. Hustling up at the last moment may prompt you to cook anything you that catches your eye first, no matter how fattening that is. Therefore, plan a healthy meal well in advance so that you make yourself a healthy and weight-loss friendly meal.

2. Cut Down Salt Intake: It is advised to limit your salt intake in evenings. According to the book, ‘101 Weight Loss Tips’ by Dr. Shikha Arora. High sodium lead to higher water retention. You can include salt in your meals through the day, but it is advisable that you cut it down post 7 PM in the evening.

3. Have Your Dinner Early: Clinical nutritionist Dr. Rupali Dutta says, “An early dinner is good for digestion, and anything that is good for digestion aids weight loss. It is said that the body is wired to the movement of the sun. The later we eat, more are the chances of the food lying in the intestines, affecting the digestion. On the other hand, if you have your dinner early, you reach the satiety value earlier, the body is able to utilise the food better. The body uses everything we eat. If the calories produced are not put to use, it is stored as fat.”

4. Maintain Portion Control: If you are on a weight loss diet, it is instrumental for you to keep a check on your portions. Eat off small plates, this ensures you are not in a wrong impression that you are eating too little. Increase the portion size of the nutritious food on your plate like vegetables or dal, and cut your dessert by half.

5. Choose Clear Soups Over Cream: Clear soups are ideal for weight loss, for its relatively low-calorie value. These soups are ideal on days you want to keep your supper very light. Other light options are green salads dressed in olive oil, vinegar or hung curd.

Try these smart hacks and see the effect for yourself.


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